Our magic is really true science

Miorelaxant Magic


Miorelaxant Magic

Our magic is really true science

Miorelaxant Magic

We create unique and innovative cosmetics

based on the original active ingredient - conotoxin.

“MIORELAXANT MAGIC is a unique product that combines all the features of an ideal cosmetic: innovation, effectiveness, safety and pleasure of use. I am extremely proud that my clinic was the first to offer this product to patients, and from the very moment it entered the market, they could supplement the treatment plans I created with this unique cosmeceutical.

Dr. Agnieszka Lew-Mirska Self Esteem Aesthetic Clinic

“The most interesting thing is that this cream really works!”

Paweł Kubik, M.D. Dr. Kubik Medical Center

“I have a great cream to recommend (...) I told you several times that there is a cream that prolongs the action of botulinum toxin and it actually does, for the first time in my life I felt tension on my skin after using the cream. Generally speaking, it always seemed to me that it was impossible to achieve (...) I must tell you that it is the best, but it is absolutely the best cream that I have ever tested in my life.

Katarzyna Daniłko/Quality lady

“So far, I have not come across a cosmetic that would give results visible to the naked eye. Some volunteers taking part in the study observed the reduction of even deep wrinkles. I'm impressed."

Dr. Przemysław Styczeń Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Dr. Przemysław Styczeń

“At the beginning, when my friends recommended MIORELAXANT MAGIC to me, I approached it without conviction. Before I introduced this preparation to my patients, I tested it myself. From that moment on, it has been a permanent element of my work with botulinum toxin - it noticeably prolongs its effect and thus the patient's satisfaction with the procedure."

Dr Kamila Koska-Mach Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology Kosma

“The cream is a perfect solution for those who, for some reason, are afraid of botulinum toxin and would like to reduce wrinkles, and for those who are already using the toxin and would like to strengthen its effect and enjoy a younger appearance.The most interesting thing is that this cream really works!”

Dr. Anna Butowska Aesthetic Medicine Anna Butowska

I highly recommend it! It's phenomenal!

Katarzyna Krauss DAMOSPHERE

Miorelaxant Magic

The secret of Miorelaxant Magic is a unique, proprietary ingredient with a myorelaxant effect, i.e. relaxing the facial muscles, obtained using biotechnological methods in the laboratory.

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Results of application tests after 28 days of using Miorelaxant Magic cream twice a day by a group of 60 volunteers.

  • Unique Conotoxin

  • Clinically Tested

  • Dermatologically Tested

Immediate effect smoothing out micro wrinkles

Miorelaxant Magic is a revolution in daily skin care with the strongest possible anti-wrinkle effect, enriched with unique nutrients, extracts, biomimetic peptides and an innovative skin penetration promoter.

Miorelaxant Magic is a cosmeceutical based on the unique ingredient conotoxin, which relaxes the facial muscles. This unique cosmeceutical combines the benefits of a strong anti-wrinkle serum and a versatile all-in-one product, perfect both under makeup and in the daily evening routine for all skin types.

The cream can be combined with skin massage, kobido and peeling, which will enhance the penetration of conotoxins and active extracts into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

The cosmeceutical has been tested on highly sensitive and atopic-prone skin, and is safe for people with problematic skin.

Additionally, our cosmeceuticals are fragrance-free! This means no synthetic fragrance mixtures or irritating essential oils.

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