The abundance of nature

The conotoxin contained in the venom of Conus sea snails inspired us to create the unique Miorelaxant Magic cream.

All this to create the first and only cosmetic in the world that you can safely use at home.


Our story begins in 2018, when Professor Tomasz Ciach introduces us to the vision of using natural toxins in cosmetics. As four women of science, we decide to take the path of innovation and make our dream come true - creating a breakthrough cosmetic that really works, and is not just a marketing shell. We wanted to create a product both for ourselves, but also for other women who deserve the highest quality of care, for which they usually do not have time in their daily routine.

2019 – 2023

In 2019, the idea of obtaining conotoxin by genetic engineering and using it as an active ingredient of a new generation of cosmeceuticals was born. A year later, the Science4Beauty company is established, and in 2020, thanks to an EU subsidy obtained from NCBiR funds, it starts implementing this innovative project. In 2021, we will submit