Sustainable development

At Science4Beauty, we take a very responsible approach to ecology and caring for the environment. We make every effort to ensure that our ingredients are obtained from sustainable sources. Thanks to our patented method of producing our proprietary ingredient - conotoxin, we minimize the negative impact on the environment and obtain conotoxin efficiently using a minimum amount of resources, unlike peptides obtained synthetically or using animals.

The active substance conotoxin is obtained by expressing the gene encoding the peptide in E.coli bacteria. The peptide molecule is identical to that produced naturally by Conus snails. In the process of producing our cream, we use the latest technological achievements - tests of cosmetic products are carried out on artificial skin, and clinical tests - on a group of volunteers. Thanks to our innovative technology, we protect the life of marine organisms inhabiting coral reefs.

We produce all our packaging from a minimum amount of raw materials, which are fully recyclable. The paper used to produce packaging has the following certificates: